Weather to Travel Guide Book - The Traveller's Guide to the World's Weather

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The Guide provides a country-by-country review of the world's weather, outlining the local seasons and advising you on what clothes to take, when best to go, and when you should definitely stay away. Obviously, it is impossible to say exactly what the weather will be like in any particular country or area on a specific day, but this book will tell you what weather can be anticipated during a particular season, based on historical climatic data.

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Weather to Travel provides you with our own month by month 'comfort rating' for your chosen destination. This takes into account temperature and humidity levels and is designed to give you an indication of how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you will feel in a particular region at a specific time of year.

Often in hot climates the sticky conditions caused by heat and high humidity are tempered by sea breezes or local winds, but since these vary greatly from day to day our comfort rating presents you with the 'worst case scenario' - telling you how you will feel in a particular location on a windless day.

For an at-a-glance idea of the climate which prevails in your chosen destination - maritime, continental, tropical, subtropical, mediterranean and so on - see the climate maps provided for each country, and the World Climate Map and descriptions. These will give you an idea of the general conditions which dictate the local weather and help you quickly to prepare a checklist of essential items - an obvious example is that sun glasses and protective cream are a must for tropical, subtropical and desert climates.

You will find detailed instructions on how to use this book set out on the first three pages. These include a section with advice on what to pack. Health immunisation requirements/recommendations are not included within the book and you should check these with your GP or with current Department of Health guidelines.

In compiling Weather To Travel, we have taken no account of the political regimes which prevail in different parts of the world - the weather is the weather, regardless of what human beings get up to. However, before you embark on a journey to a country with a regime unsympathetic to human rights, we would advise you to consult your travel agent or check with the Foreign Office for an update on local conditions and advice on safety.

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